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How to use Facebook Music

Mark Zuckerberg wants you to have "serendipitous experiences" with the new Facebook. If you're ready for the experience, we'll show you how to use Facebook Music.

Facebook loves Spotify
Screenshot by Ed Rhee

Mark Zuckerberg wants you to have "serendipitous experiences" with the new Facebook. Facebook Music is one of the ways he hopes to help you achieve this. With it, you can listen, share and discover music with others, all from within Facebook. If you're ready for the experience, here's how to use Facebook Music:

How Facebook Music works

The idea behind Facebook Music is that whenever you or your friends listen to music from one of Facebook's music partners, the music gets published to your Timeline for friends to see. The details also show up as an update to the news feed and ticker. When your friends see that you've recently listened to "Moves Like Jagger" by Maroon 5, they can click on the link to listen to it. If they see your activity in their ticker, they can click on the activity to begin listening to the song with you in real time, with the option to start a chat.

Setting up Facebook Music

To start sharing music on Facebook, a link between the music service and Facebook needs to be established. Spotify, Mog, Rdio, iHeartRadio, Slacker, Earbits, Turntable, SoundCloud, and Rhapsody all work with Facebook Music.

To create the link, log in to the music service of your choice, and initiate the service's feature to share or link to Facebook. This will activate the link and once you approve it, the music service will show up as an app in your Facebook account.

Adding music services
Screenshot by Ed Rhee

Using Facebook Music

The listening activity of your friends shows up in your news feed, ticker, and their Timeline. You can also click on the Music app in the left sidebar, to view all of your friends' listening activities, including top songs and trending albums. If you prefer to bookmark that section, here's the direct link.

Music app in left sidebar
Screenshot by Ed Rhee

To listen to a song that a friend recently listened to, simply click on the play link. If you already have the music service up, the music will begin playing through their Web app or desktop app. If you don't already have the music service up, a pop-up window will appear, asking if you'd like to launch it.

Open Spotify request
Screenshot by Ed Rhee

When you're not using the same music service as your friends, you have the option of creating a new link (and a new account) or listening to the song with your preferred music service. How cool is that?

Launch music with another service.
Screenshot by Ed Rhee

Scaling back Facebook Music permissions

If you're concerned about privacy and permissions with the apps in Facebook Music, there are ways to adjust them to suit your preferences. Check out Nicole Cozma's article, "How to adjust app and Web site permissions on Facebook" for more details.

Music app permissions.
Screenshot by Ed Rhee

That's it. Enjoy listening, sharing, and discovering music with your friends--or snickering about their terrible tastes. Either way, it's win-win!