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How to use Capture to start recording iPhone video fast

Launch this app and it starts recording video immediately so that you don't miss those YouTube moments.

Screenshot by Matt Elliott

Capture -- The Quick Video Camera is an iOS app that is so easy to use that it hardly requires a post outlining how to use it.

Briefly, when you launch the app, it starts recording video. Press your iPhone's Home button to stop recording. The app loads more quickly than the iPhone's native camera app, and it saves you from fumbling with the slider between taking photos or videos.

With the instructional portion of this how to post out of the way, let me tell you that the app is currently free but only for a limited time. Standard pricing: 99 cents.

Also, let me explain how it differs from Swift, another instant-video-recording app I covered earlier this year. With Swift, videos get saved to your Camera Roll, but with Capture, you can bypass your Camera Roll and share videos via iTunes file Sharing. Both apps, it should be noted, offer roughly the same speed at starting a video. They begin recording about 2 or 3 seconds after you tap the app icon to launch the app.

Launch the app and it starts recording. Screenshot by Matt Elliott

To enable iTunes File Sharing, go to Settings on your iPhone and scroll down until you see Capture listed among your app. Tap on it and then at the bottom of the screen, move the slider to off for Save To Camera Roll. This will keep you Camera Roll from being cluttered with videos and will let you easily save them via iTunes to your PC or Mac for editing, posting to a blog, or simply storage.

In iTunes, you can save videos recorded with Capture. Screenshot by Matt Elliott

Then in iTunes, choose your iOS device from the left panel, click on Apps from the top row of menu options, and scroll down to the File Sharing area. You'll see Capture listed among the app that support iTunes File Sharing. Click on Capture and you'll see the videos you've taken with the app. Highlight a video and then click the "Save to..." button to save the file your your computer.

Screenshot by Matt Elliott

Other options available in settings let you set the orientation (including autodetect) and video quality (high, medium, and low) and choose between the rear- and front-facing camera.