How to unlock seven new Clear themes

Popular iOS task-managing app Clear has been updated with some new features and some new hidden themes.

Jason Cipriani
Jason Cipriani
Jason Cipriani Contributing Writer, ZDNet
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Jason Cipriani
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When Clear was first released, it quickly became the No. 1 paid app in the App Store, helping iOS users everywhere become more organized. Immediately after release, it was discovered there was three hidden themes in the app. We covered how to unlock the themes shortly after, and then began to wait patiently for an update with new themes.

With today's update, our wish has been granted, and thanks to Touch Arcade, we already know the hidden themes and how to unlock them. In total, there are seven new themes you can potentially unlock.

Screenshot by Jason Cipriani/CNET

Similar to the theme rewarded to users for having Tweetbot installed, there is now a theme for having Path installed. You don't have to be an active Path member, it just has to be installed on your device. To complete the unlock if you have just installed Path, navigate to the Theme option in Settings and open it. You'll then be alerted of the new theme. 

Screenshot by Jason Cipriani/CNET

There is also a new Gifted theme, which is awarded after you tap on the Gift Me option from the Settings list. You don't actually have to gift the app, just wait until you are redirected to the App Store and then go back to Clear. You should then be alerted that the new theme was unlocked.

Ultraviolet and Night Owl
The Ultraviolet theme requires you to use Clear every day for a week (seven days in a row). A smart move by the developers to entice users to keep using the app. The Night Owl theme is unlocked by marking some tasks as complete between midnight and 3 a.m.

Game-related themes
On top of the four themes above, the groundwork for three more, game-based themes, has already been placed in Clear. According to Touch Arcade, users who have The Heist, Temple Run, and Bumpy Road installed will also be treated to a theme once those respective apps are updated.

If you find a theme not listed here or in the original hidden theme post, please mention it along with unlock instructions in the comments below.