How to turn your iPad into a photo booth

IncrediBooth is a 99-cent app that turns your iPad 2 or iPhone 4 into a photo booth.

Matt Elliott Senior Editor
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Matt Elliott
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Matt Elliott

From the makers of the Hipstamatic toy camera app comes IncrediBooth, a 99-cent app that turns your iOS device into a photo booth.

The app is incredibly simple to use. Center your mug in the frame (or squeeze in as many friends as will fit), hit the big, red button, and wait as the app snaps four photos at 2-second intervals. I am using it on an iPad 2, but it works with any iOS device with a front-facing camera (iPad 2, iPhone 4, or fourth-generation iPod Touch).

After taking a round of photos, tap the Photos Outside button and you can view your photo strip on a screen that mimics the look of an old photo booth. You can scroll down to see older photo strips, and if you tap on a strip, you can see the date it was taken and the location (if you allowed the app to know your location). On this screen, there are also buttons to Share or Trash the strip. The Share button lets you share the strip on Facebook, send it in the body of an e-mail, or export it to your Photo Library.

Photo booth realism: Your photo strips get spit out on this screen. Matt Elliott

To share a single photo instead of an entire four-photo strip, tap a photo from the Share screen and the photo enlarges with a Share Single Photo button below it, which provides the same sharing options as before.

The app is so easy to use, you can leave it out at a party and let your guests create fun photo strips without worrying about having to act as photo booth manager for the evening. The only settings to fiddle with are four photo filters, which you can rotate between by tapping the black band that surrounds the red shutter button. Lastly, if you want to print out a photo strip or two, you'll need to first save it to your library and print from there.