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How to turn your Facebook Timeline into a movie

Curious what all of the hype surrounding Facebook Timeline is about? Let Facebook and Definition 6 make your Timeline into a movie. It's magical.

In an effort to eliminate any apprehension or confusion surrounding Facebook Timeline, Facebook, in partnership with Definition 6, has rolled out a way for you to create a movie using your Timeline.

You're only a few clicks away from having your Timeline movie made, highlighting your greatest and most-liked posts. The end result is actually pretty impressive. Here's how to make your own movie.

  1. Visit Timeline Movie Maker on your computer.

  2. Screenshot by Jason Cipriani
  3. Click on "Make your movie."

  4. Log in to your Facebook account and grant the app access to your account.

  5. Your movie will be processed. It should take a few minutes.

  6. Enjoy the show!

After you have finished watching your Timeline movie, you can select a different soundtrack or even change the photos used in the movie, really customizing the look and feel of the movie. And, of course, you are given the option to share a link with your Facebook friends.

This is a smart move for Facebook to truly show off the benefits of having a Timeline, whether you wanted it or not.

(Source AdAge)