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How to turn a hardcover book into an iPad case

Oh, the delicious irony of transporting your e-book viewer in the hollowed-out pages of an actual book! Perfect little DIY project for the weekend.

As you already know, there are lots of cheap, DIY ways to create a stand for your iPad. (Personally, I'm partial to the one made out of Tinkertoys, but you gotta like the stand built by David Carnoy's 10-year-old nephew, too.)

But what about a case? Surely the MacGyver wanna-bes out there have figured out how to turn ordinary household objects into cool, practical, rugged, inexpensive iPad carriers?

Yes, yes they have. A guy over at Carrypad just posted illustrated, step-by-step instructions on how to turn a hollowed-out hardcover book into an iPad case. He calls it the "book safe." Take a look at the finished product.

Got mad craft skills? Then you, too, can turn an old hardcover into a case (and safe) for your iPad. Carrypad

As you can probably guess, the only supplies you'll need for this project are an Xacto knife, some glue, some tape, and a book you're willing to sacrifice--one that's large and deep enough to accommodate the iPad. (The author snapped up something suitable for $2 at a local bookstore.)

Personally, I lack the patience to construct something like this. And I'd be worried about my iPad popping loose while I carried the book around, though the author says it fits quite snugly.

What do you think? Is this just the kind of iPad conveyance you've been looking for, or does it seem like too much work? Share your thoughts in the comments, then check out the inventor's brief video showing the book-safe in action: