How to take a photo while recording video on iPhone 5

Ever skipped out on recording a video in fear of missing the perfect photo? Well, if you own an iPhone 5, you can take a photo while recording video.

Sometimes when recording a video, a perfect photo opportunity presents itself and you're left with a tough decision. Do you stop filming, snap the photo and go back to recording, or just miss out on it altogether? Well, if you own an iPhone 5 you can now do both. That's right. The iPhone 5's native camera app has the ability to snap a photo while you're recording a video.

While recording, you'll see a camera icon on the screen. Tapping on it will snap a photo without interrupting the video. The photo is then saved to your Camera Roll. The only downside is that any photos snapped while recording a video are taken in the iPhone 5's 16:9 aspect ration, with a size of 1,920x1,080 pixels. So you'll be missing out on the same quality you've come to expect from the camera on the iPhone, but the quality is still good enough to share with friends and family members.