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How to sync music over Wi-Fi with Winamp for Android

Winamp's PC and Android clients will let you wirelessly sync your music.

Screenshot by Nicole Cozma

Why bother with data cables and constantly reconnecting your phone to your computer to transfer new music? With Winamp for Android, music can be synced over Wi-Fi after a one-time pairing between phone and PC. Follow these five steps so you can spend less time tethered to the PC and more time enjoying your music on the go.

Note: You must have both Winamp for PC (5.9 beta or later) and Winamp for Android (in this example) for wireless sync to work.

1. Open the Settings menu in Winamp for Android and check the box to enable wireless sync.

Winamp for Android Screenshot by Nicole Cozma

2. Open the Media Library on Winamp for PC and scroll down to Devices. Click here and look for your phone to appear to the right. If it doesn't, try clicking the Discover button at the bottom.

Winamp for PC Screenshot by Nicole Cozma

3. Completing the pairing of the Winamps can be done two ways: by mousing over the phone picture and clicking the black sync button that appears, or right-clicking and selecting Attach. Make sure to select Allow on the window that pops up on your phone after attempting to pair the two Winamps.

Screenshot by Nicole Cozma
Screenshot by Nicole Cozma

4. Now that phone and PC are communicating, double-click on the picture of the phone to start syncing. If there are any duplicate files, Winamp for PC will prompt you for further action.

5. Allow the sync to finish (the percentage transferred is shown, as in the screenshot below) before disconnecting your device. You can leave wireless syncing on, or disable it to extend battery life.

Screenshot by Nicole Cozma

Syncing on future occasions will be faster, since the phone and PC have already been paired. All you have to do is enable wireless syncing on your Android device through the Winamp for Android app, and then double-click the picture of a phone in the Devices area of the Winamp for PC app. Don't forget to toggle wireless syncing on when you're using it and off when you're done if you want to save on battery use.

Screenshot by Nicole Cozma