How to swank up that box of Franzia

A way for you to make your boxed wine bring sexy back.

Scandinavian Design Center

Boxed wine: it's the punchline of so many jokes and the drink staple of so many low-budget sorority parties. Once you're a "real" grown-up, it's more than a bit gauche to actually serve this stuff without some kind of forced hipster irony--and in case you didn't get the memo, that faux-cheapo attitude is so out. Nevertheless, if you're on a budget and need to serve a lot of beverages to a lot of people, boxed wine is still a tempting choice. So how can you make it a little bit sexier?

Leave it to the Danish to come up with a solution. The VinUno, designed by Lars Erdman, is a boxed wine dispenser made of--we kid you not--polished steel and lacquered wood. You can choose from red, white, and black options, and there's some way to insert a cooling element into it so that you can keep that white wine nice and chilly.

Sure, it'll cost you $132, which ostensibly defeats the purpose of being cheap with your booze selections, but it'll probably pay for itself in the long run since now you'll be saving money by serving Franzia instead of that horrifically overpriced Two Buck Chuck from Trader Joe's. (Actually, where I live, it's Three Buck Chuck because of our liquor tax, but you get the idea.)

(Via CubeMe)