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How to stream media from PC to TV with Xbox

With this simple tutorial, Sharon Vaknin shows you how you can stream music, movies, and photos from your computer to your TV using your Xbox.

Although some televisions are DLNA-ready, allowing you to connect your TV to your home network for file sharing, some of us are still hanging on to older sets without this feature.

However, if you have an Xbox (or PS3, as we've covered elsewhere), you can use your console to stream music, movies, and photos from any computer to your TV. Listen to your favorite playlist during gameplay, watch your home videos, and look at photos on the big screen by following these instructions:

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Set up your Xbox

  1. With a wired or wireless connection, connect your Xbox and computer to the same network.
  2. Log in to Xbox Live.
  3. On the Xbox, go to My Xbox > System Settings > Network Settings. Select the type of network (wired or wireless), then "Test Xbox Live Connection."

Set up your computer (Windows)

  1. Download and install the latest version of Windows Media Player.
  2. Go to Library > Add to Library and add folders you want your Xbox to access. All personal folders (Photos, Videos, and Music) are selected by default, but if you have media in other folders, add them.
  3. Go to Library > Media Sharing, and check "Share Media." Click "OK," then wait a few moments for your Xbox to show up as one of the devices. Once it appears, select it, and click "Allow," then "OK."

Set up your computer (Mac)

  1. Download and install Rivet. It's free to try, $20 to buy.
  2. Once it's installed, you'll find Rivet in your top bar as an arrow icon. Click it and head to "Preferences..."
  3. Select which movies, music, and photos you'd like to see on your Xbox. You can even select iTunes playlists and iPhoto albums.

Start streaming
Press the Xbox button on the controller (in the middle) and scroll over to "Media." Select Video, Music, or Picture library. On the next screen, choose your computer from the list and select the file you want to play.


  • You cannot stream DRM-protected content.
  • You can follow the above steps to play custom music in the background during gameplay.
  • Acceptable movie file types include MOV, M4V, AVI, MP4V, WMV, and DivX.