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How to stream feeds across your Android home screen

Smartphones make it easy to access streams of information, but presentation can sometimes be a problem. You may miss updates or have a hard time accessing certain info, or you may just hate your device's default info stream. Bubbleator is a sweet live wallpaper for Android that keeps your most important info in sight at all times. Learn how to use it in this blog post by Rob Lightner.

Information wants to be free, but most of us still want to know where it is when we need it. Bubbleator is a live wallpaper app for Android that keeps your hottest info streams flowing along your home screen for easy reminders and prompts. It's sleek and incredibly easy to use. Here's how to get started: 

  1. Download and install Bubbleator
  2. Long-press anywhere on your screen, then select "Wallpapers," then "Live wallpapers," then "Bubbleator." 
  3. Tap "Settings" to tell Bubbleator what to do and how to do it. You can set a background image, stream speed, and stream location (at the top, middle or bottom of your screen), and manage what info makes it into the stream. 
    Step 3: Bubbleator settings.
    Step 3: Bubbleator settings.
  4. To hook up with Facebook and Twitter, select "Manage Bubbleator items" from the Settings menu, then scroll down and select either FB or Twitter, then log on to give Bubbleator permission to use the feed. 
  5. As info crawls along your screen, tap any item to view it or swipe it up to remove it from the stream. (It'll stay in its original home--no accidental deletions). 
Bubbleator screen crawl.
Bubbleator screen crawl.

Currently, Bubbleator streams text messages, Facebook and Twitter updates, calendar items and missed calls. Google+ streaming is in the works, as well as weather, sports info and other streams (even games). An APK is coming soon to let third-party developers add new streams to the mix, so it's sure to keep growing. It's well worth a try.