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How to share your Wi-Fi access with a QR code

You know it's important to maintain a secure network, but it's a pain to keep rattling off numbers and letters every time someone new wants to use your Wi-Fi. Life just got a little easier for us thanks to a free Android app called Wifi Joiner.

No matter how great a keyboard artist you may be, the odds are that you hate joining secure Wi-Fi networks on your Android device. Passwords are a serious (but necessary) pain, but a new, free app called Wifi Joiner lets you easily set up scannable QR codes to let other Wifi Joiner users share your network. Here's how to get started:

  1. Install and run Wifi Joiner.

  2. Initially, your camera will open up with a message directing you to scan a QR code. In the future, you can just scan to join a network, but we want to set one up, so we'll tap the Menu button and then select "Create."

  3. Step 2: Select "Create."
    Step 2: Select "Create." Screenshot by Rob Lightner
  4. You now have the option of either selecting a pre-existing network or creating a new one. Select or type the network name, security type, and password, then select "Create QR Code."

  5. Step 3: Enter network information.
    Step 3: Enter network information. Screenshot by Rob Lightner
  6. Tap the Menu button again and select "Share." This brings up a list of delivery options; just choose one that works best for the people you want to share with and you're set.

Step 4: Share your QR code.
Step 4: Share your QR code. Screenshot by Rob Lightner

It's easy to print and post a code, send it to friends digitally, or just let folks scan the code on your own Android device. It's a much friendlier way of granting access to your network--but more importantly, it makes changing your password regularly much less painful.