How to share batches of iPhone photos

Batch is a free iOS app that lets you share photos by the batch.

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Matt Elliott
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Batch is a new photo-sharing app, one that knows you take a ton of shots with your iPhone and have the need to share not just one photo at a time but a group or, say, a batch of photos. If you would like to share photos by the batch, give Batch a whirl. It's free and features a slick and easy-to-use interface.

To get started with Batch, you will need a Facebook account; the app forces you to sign in with your Facebook credentials. If you can clear this hurdle, then you'll find the app asking you to create your first batch of photos. You can choose photos from your Camera Roll or Photo Stream, or you can snap photos from within the app. After you select the photos for your batch, you'll be asked to name the batch and add tags for any of your Facebook friends. Finally, on the next screen, you can set the batch as Private or viewable to your friends on Batch, and you can also choose to share your new batch on Facebook or Twitter. Hit the big Create your batch button and the selected photos are uploaded to Batch's Web site.

You can create a new batch from the Photos page. Matt Elliott/CNET

Navigating the app is easy. From the toolbar along the bottom of the screen, you can navigate various views of the app. The Batches button shows you thumbnails of your batches, which are arranged chronologically. The Feed button shows you your batches and presumably those in which you've been tagged (I say presumably because at the moment, sadly, I have no friends using Batch). The Photos page provides a button to Edit a batch, which lets you change the name and add or delete photos from the batch. Also on the Photos page is a Share button, which lets you share a batch on Facebook and Twitter or e-mail or text a link of the batch to a friend. The link takes you to a page on Batch.com. And in the middle of the toolbar is a camera button, which lets you take a picture and create a new batch or add it to an existing batch.

You can snap a photo from with the Batch app, adding it to an existing batch or starting a new batch. Matt Elliott/CNET

When you tag friends in a batch, they will each receive a notification on their Facebook page, alerting them to this tagging with a link that takes them to your batch on Batch.com.

A batch of photos on Batch.com Matt Elliott/CNET

Does sharing photos by the batch sound appealing to you? Or are you left saying, "Batches? We don't need no stinking Batches?" Let me know in the comments below.