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How to share an iOS 5 Reminders list

iOS 5 and iCloud provides users with the ability to share one Reminders list, allowing multiple people to contribute to the list.

With the iOS 5 and iCloud launch, Apple also launched a new Reminders app that aims to make iOS users more efficient. With adding the iCloud capability to sync Reminders between iOS devices as well as OS X computers, users can also share Reminder lists, as reported by The Next Web.

Sharing a Reminders list is a streamlined process that is sure to come in handy for both businesses and families alike. To start you will need to log in to your iCloud account from your computer by visiting iCloud.com and navigate to your calendar. Follow the rest of the steps below to begin sharing a Reminders list.

Click to enlarge Screenshot by Jason Cipriani
  1. On the left side of the Calendar page, you will see a Reminders section. You can add a new Reminders category by clicking on "Edit" located next to the Calendars title and then clicking on the "+" icon next the Reminders title.
  2. Screenshot by Jason Cipriani
  3. Give your new Reminders list category a fitting title.
  4. Screenshot by Jason Cipriani
  5. Once you have named your new list category, you will see the sharing icon next to the name. Clicking on the icon will bring up a dialog asking you who you would like to share the new category with. Enter the e-mail address of the individual you would like to share with. Keep in mind, you can only share a list with other iCloud users.
  6. Screenshot by Jason Cipriani
  7. After you have sent the invitation, you can opt to restrict users access to the list to only viewing capabilities, or leave it at the default of both view and edit.
  8. Screenshot by Jason Cipriani
  9. If you would like to receive e-mail alerts when someone adds a new item to the list, you can open up the share settings for the category again, and check the box located at the bottom of the dialog.

Should you ever wish to stop sharing the category, simply revisit the settings dialog and click on the "Stop Sharing" button.