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How to set your Android ringer volume based on ambient noise

This handy little Android app will automatically set your ringer volume based on ambient noise level.

Have you ever adjusted the volume on your phone's ringer then forgot to set it back to normal? Subsequently, you either missed calls because it was too quiet or got startled because it was too loud. A new Android app called Intelligent Ringer aims to do away with the constant volume adjustments by setting the ringer volume automatically, based on ambient noise levels.

Launching the Intelligent Ringer app gives you the option of starting or stopping the app. When it's running, you'll see the icon in the notification bar. If you go to Menu > Settings, there are several settings you can modify to your needs.

Intelligent Ringer for Android
Screenshot by Ed Rhee/CNET

Pocket factor: Using your Android phone's proximity sensor, the app will determine whether your phone is in your pocket and increase the volume by the amount you set.

Accuracy: This setting shouldn't be set too high or it will take too long for the app to measure the ambient noise, resulting in its inability to change the volume before the call comes through.

Sensitivity: This is the sensitivity of the mic, which the developer recommends keeping at the default of "10."

For more details on the different settings and calibrating the app, go to Menu > Help.

Intelligent Ringer for Android help
Screenshot by Ed Rhee/CNET

If you decide to try out Intelligent Ringer, keep in mind that it doesn't override your ringer when you've set your phone to silent or vibrate.

(Via Ghacks)