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How to set up Sonos Controller on Android

Your new Sonos is rocking the house, but you want to control it from your shiny Android device. Never fear, the Sonos Controller app will allow you to do just that.

Screenshot by Jason Cipriani

Setting up the Sonos Controller app on your Android device will allow you to control your Sonos music system from anywhere in the house. Once the app is connected to your Sonos system, you will be able to control practically everything pertaining to your Sonos system--from controlling volume, to creating playlists.

Join us as we walk through the setup process on an Android device.

To get started, you will need to download and install the Sonos Controller app (Market link) from the Android Market. The app is compatible with Android 2.1 through 2.3.3.

Screenshot by Jason Cipriani

The first time you run the app, you will be presented with a screen like the one seen above. Tap on "Set up your Sonos system now."

Screenshot by Jason Cipriani

The next screen asks to confirm you have already set up your Sonos system on your computer. If you haven't, make sure to set it up before continuing. The duration of this post assumes you have set up your Sonos system. 

Press Next.

Screenshot by Jason Cipriani

Now we will connect the Controller to the Sonos system. If you have a ZoneBridge, press the single button located on top of the unit (pictured right). If you have a ZonePlayer, press the Volume Up, as well as the Mute key, at the same time (pictured left)

Once the correct button(s) have been pressed, you will see alternating white and green lights start blinking. The app on the Android device will quickly display a screen that it is connecting.

Screenshot by Jason Cipriani

You will be presented with the screen above once you are successfully connected, followed by a Setup Complete screen.

Press Next on each screen.

Screenshot by Jason Cipriani

Finally you will be presented with a list of all the zones you have set up in your house. Tap on a zone to take control of your Sonos system. 

You can add any number of Sonos Controllers to your system, whether it's on an iOS device such as an iPhone or an iPad. The biggest challenge to having multiple controllers is deciding who gets to pick what to listen to next.