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How to set up an iPod Nano

CNET's Donald Bell walks you through the initial setup of a fifth-generation Apple iPod Nano.

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In recent statements, Apple reports 50 percent of new iPod sales are going to customers who are buying their very first iPod. That means millions of people are setting up an iPod for the first time. Personally, I'm a little scared for them.

The iPod celebrates its 8th birthday this month, and it has come a long way. What started out purely as a digital music player has evolved into a video-recording, movie-renting, fitness-tracking, do-everything device. For first-time users, I can imagine the experience of setting up a new iPod is as overwhelming as it is exciting.

To help make the most of your new iPod, I'm putting together a series of How-To guides for setting up each of the current iPod models (Nano, Touch, Shuffle, and Classic). I'm kicking things off with the iPod Nano--a deceptively simple-looking, candy-colored device loaded with more new features than any other iPod this season.

The video version of my iPod Nano setup guide is available for download from CNET TV, and an accompanying slideshow can be found below. If you have any other tips for first-time iPod Nano owners, feel free to share them in the comments section below.