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How to set reminders on your iPhone with Do Date

This 99-cent app adds reminders to the Notification Center and provides a running count of the days left before each event.

Baseball is only 91 days away, and counting...
Screenshot by Matt Elliott

With Do Date, you can add reminders to your iPhone's Notification Center to help you keep track of important dates.

I like the idea of the pull-down Notification Center but I feel that Apple isn't making the best use of this tool. Unfortunately, the Quickpick app that added some great utility to the Notification Center was pulled from the App Store almost immediately after I wrote about it last month. Let's hope Do Date does not meet the same fate.

Do Date does one thing but does it well: it adds a list of important upcoming dates to the Notification Center. It isn't an app to keep track of your various meetings each day because you can't schedule events to the minute and hour. For each reminder, you select the month, day, and year, and an entry gets added to the Notification Center, showing the numbers of days between now and the date. For example, I now know I have 13 days left to shop for my wife's birthday and 23 days to practice before being thrown to the wolves in a pond hockey tournament.

Go to Settings > Notifications > Do Date to change the number of items to show to 10. Also, it's suggested to select Banners for your Alert Style. Screenshot by Matt Elliott

Do Date can display up to 10 items in Notification Center. If you go into Settings > Notifications and find Do Date from the list of apps, you can set it to show up to five or 10 items. In the instructions included in the app, it suggests you set the alert style to Banners.

To add an item, you can tap the Add Date button at the bottom of the screen or from the Do Dates screen, you can tap the plus-sign button in the upper-left corner. Simply give the event a name and spin the dials to select a month, day, and year. To remove an item, just swipe on it from the list and tap the Delete button.

Screenshot by Matt Elliott

In the app's settings, you can also toggle all notifications on and off if, say, you want to hide your reminder of an upcoming surprise party where the guest of honor might glance at your phone. Also in settings, you can change the notification time for all events, the default of which is 12:01 a.m. You can't, however, change the time for individual dates.

You may be asking yourself, why would I need to spend a buck on Do Date when I can just use the built-in Reminders app, which I can set to display items in the Notification Center? Great question, glad you asked. Do Date goes the extra distance by giving you a running tally of the days remaining before an event occurs. I take comfort in knowing, for instance, that Opening Day is a mere 91 days away.

(Via AppAdvice)