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How to set a stronger iPhone passcode

Your four-digit iPhone passcode might be easier to guess than you might think. Thankfully, it's easy to set a longer and stronger passcode.

Let me guess, 1234? 0000? 2580? 1111? 5555?
Screenshot by Matt Elliott

If your iPhone passcode is 1234, you might as well disable it. In fact, if it's in the top 10 of the most common iPhone passcodes, it's not really doing you a whole lot of good. To keep your iPhone secure should it fall into the wrong hands, you might want to think about choosing another four-digit code. Better yet, you can create a custom passcode that will make your iPhone much more secure. It's a snap. Here's how:

In Settings > General, choose Passcode Lock. On the next screen, you can choose to turn passcode on and select a four-digit number. Before you tap to Turn Passcode On at the top of the screen, look a few lines below and flip the slider next to Simple Passcode to OFF. Now, when you turn the passcode on, you'll be able to enter a code of any length that can include numbers, letters, and symbols.

As for the enterprising third-party app, Big Brother Camera Security, which collected data from 204,508 passcodes, Apple just pulled it from the App Store, claiming it was "surreptitiously harvesting user passwords."

To set a stronger, nonsimple passcode, the first step is to turn the feature on by doing into Settings > General. Screenshot by Matt Elliott
Before you Turn Passcode On, slide Simple Passcode to OFF, which allows you to include letters and symbols and more than four digits. Screenshot by Matt Elliott

Try to guess my passcode now. Screenshot by Matt Elliott