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How to send pictures directly from your Android camera to your online album

Your lovingly maintained online photo album can be a source of great pride--but also of great frustration. It's a chore to go through your mobile Android device's gallery to send pics to your album, but there's an easy way to send them straight from your camera. Learn how to do it in this blog post by Rob Lightner.

Android has a pretty great photo gallery app--but if you want to send pics to your online album, it can be a hassle. When you're on vacation or at a party and you know you want to send your pics straight to your album, you can tweak your camera app to do just that, and you still get the option to cancel bad or embarrassing shots if you want. Here's how to do it:

  1. Take a picture you want to share.
  2. Tap the bottom of the screen to bring up sharing options.
  3. Android camera sharing options
    Step 2: Camera sharing options.

  4. Select "More," then "Set Default Destination."
  5. Android camera Set Default Destination screen
    Step 3: Set default destination.
  6. Select one or more online albums.
  7. Android camera online album selection screen
    Step 4: Select online album(s).
  8. Sign in to each account; depending on the nature of the account, you may need to enter your password or link to your Google account.
  9. Android camera Flickr sign-in screen
    Step 5: Sign in to online album
  10. Go back to your picture, then select "More" again, then "Send to [whichever album you prefer]."
  11. Android camera send to screen
    Step 6: Send to online album.
  12. In the future, you can skip steps 2-5.

If Picasa is your online album of choice, the procedure is much simpler:

  1. Take that hot pic.
  2. Tap the bottom of the screen to bring up sharing options.
  3. Select "Share," then "Picasa."
  4. Android camera sharing options screen
    Step 3: Choose Picasa.
  5. Enter a caption if you like, select which Google account you want to use if you've got multiple accounts on your device, then select "Upload."
  6. Android camera Picasa screen
    Step 4: Enter caption.