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How to sell an item on eBay using your Android device

eBay made selling stuff easy for everyone and thereby launched an industry. The newest eBay Android app makes it easier to sell some items using your phone or tablet than on even the snazziest desktop, thanks to its nifty integrated bar code scanner.

If you've ever bought something from eBay, you know that it's painless (unless you get sniped at the very last second by some nameless fiend). Selling can take a more serious effort--but it can be nearly as painless as buying. The Android eBay app is a joy to use and might just send you searching through the attic for old stuff with barcodes, just to see if you can squeeze a few more bucks out of your old books or gadgets. Here's how to get started:

  1. Install and run the eBay app.

  2. Choose your preferred site, then accept the privacy policy and terms of use (which you've read thoroughly, right?).

  3. Sign in (or register as a new user if you haven't yet dipped a toe in the eBay pool).

  4. It's all too easy to browse and shop, but we're here to make money. Select "Sell an Item."

  5. Screenshot by Rob Lightner
  6. If the item you want to sell has a bar code, select "Scan your item" at the top. It's pretty straightforward--just aim your device at the item's code until it fills the rectangle onscreen and the app does the rest.

  7. Screenshot by Rob Lightner
  8. If it's recognized (sadly, not all bar codes yield decent info), fields fill up with title, image, category, and other info. You can add condition, more detailed description, type of auction, payment methods, and other pertinent sales info on screen, then select "Review" at the bottom to see how your listing will look.

  9. Step 6: Review your listing.
    Screenshot by Rob Lightner
  10. Select "List item" and your auction starts immediately.

Simple! If your items don't have bar codes, you may be better off working with a full-size keyboard, but the bar code scanner makes your Android device a supersimple sales tool. Try it!