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How to secure your Facebook account

With Facebook's new HTTPS feature, you can secure your account and browse Facebook without worrying about hackers or spies.

If you tend to fall for Facebook posts like "Lose 18 pounds now!" or "WTF I can't believe this picture of you is online!" I can't help you. But if you'd like to secure your Facebook sessions from hackers and spies, you're in luck.

Facebook is now rolling out a new security feature that enables HTTPS encryption throughout your Facebook session. This long-awaited feature, which encrypts data transferred during Facebook sessions, is designed to prevent attackers from compromising users' accounts.

Here's how to enable it:

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Until now, the only way to enable HTTPS browsing was to manually enter "s" in the address bar, or to install an add-on like HTTPS Everywhere. Both options can still be used, but if you access Facebook from many locations it's recommended that you enable this new security feature. 

HTTPS security is being made available to Facebook users slowly, so though it might not be available to you now, it should appear soon.