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How to remove ads from IM clients

Tired of pesky ads while you're trying to chat with friends? Say goodbye to them with one simple app.

Ads within instant-messenger or browser clients are rarely welcomed by the user. They can slow down your computer and have the potential to contain harmful content--from adult products you don't want young eyes to see to adware or malware. RemoveAds is a Windows program that can be installed to remove those pesky (and sometimes dangerous) advertisements from just about any IM client or browser.

Screenshot by Nicole Cozma

Step 1: Download and install RemoveAdsRemoveAds. 

Screenshot by Nicole Cozma

Step 2: Launch the program from the Start menu by searching for RemoveAds.

Screenshot by Nicole Cozma

Step 3: Be on the lookout for any ads that made it through the blocking process. If you see an ad on a Web site, open the Database tab of the RemoveAds window and select Advertising site suggestions. Enter the required information and click send to submit the ad site for blacklisting.

There's very little setup or maintenance required for this app, other than the occasional submission of newer ad sites. Simply install and enjoy!