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How to really, really make your naked Snapchat photos disappear

App maker KS Mobile insists that its Clean Master can help all those who are concerned that their spontaneous naked Snapchat snaps might linger in some technological depths. At least it can help users on Android.

To erase or not to erase? That is the question.
Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

The attractions of Snapchat are essentially intellectual.

In creating the conditions for a spontaneous "now you see me, now you don't" aspect to your life, it allows for a greater and more nuanced level of excitement to permeate human relationships.

Recently, however, there have been concerns that the topless, bottomless, or merely hapless shots sent by Snapchat users might not truly disappear.

They remain stored in the nether regions of your phone, able to be retrieved by a nosy policeman, parent, or pupil of the average high school.

App maker KS Mobile believes it has the solution for this hoary problem. It insists that its Clean Master app can wipe your phone clean of your well-intentioned smut. At least on Android phones.

The company claims that, technically speaking, it can remove the .nomedia files to which Snapchat photos are converted.

It claims to have done this by a mere tweaking of its app.

Adam Morley, product manager at KS Mobile, told me: "After a full investigation, we found that with a minor tweak we could quickly customize our operations to clear out the .nomedia Snapchat files and help ensure the privacy of our users."

I can imagine that this investigation was enjoyable, as well as fruitful. I can imagine KS Mobile's fine engineers poring over the specifications for hours on end.

Still, the company says it offers the chance for manual erasure via either the "privacy" or "history" functions of the app.

I should add that I haven't personally used Clean Master, as I have no current need to Snapchat, nor do I have any intention of erasing anything from my phone.

Each picture that rests there represents a moment in my life. Each is to be remembered and sometimes savored as an aspect of happiness, sadness, weakness, or tipsiness.

If your ex sent you a picture of herself or himself wearing a large necklace and an extra-small everything else, there was a true purpose to it that should not be forgotten or disrespected.

If you happened one night to send your ex (or even a friend) a picture of yourself watching "Buffy" in the buff, you must have had your reasons, and they were probably all too real.

Always remember that erasing something doesn't mean it will be forgotten. It merely means it cannot be used in evidence against you.