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How to put a computer in your coffee table

Vanity PC blends computing into traditional furniture.

Vanity PC

Despite their functionality, not all built-in computer desks need to have a minimalist or futuristic design. In fact, if Vanity PC has its way, computing will blend almost seamlessly into furniture of the most traditional origins.

At first glance its offerings look like a throwback to the faux armoires used to conceal ridiculously bulky tube TVs in the living room, but Vanity PC goes beyond that. Not only does it integrate the computer into all manner of furniture--including a coffee table, as pictured here--but it also builds the technology directly into the pieces, such as an LCD underneath a folding desktop and stereo speakers built into cabinets, according to BornRich.

It's obviously not as versatile as a desk that accommodates a standard laptop, but that probably doesn't matter. Judging by the designs on its site, this isn't furniture one would expect to be used by the average road warrior.