How to prevent your Android tablet or smartphone screen from dimming

CNET dives into the vast world of screen dimming and shows you how to prevent your screen from constantly annoying you.

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There's nothing worse than watching a movie on your tablet, only to have the screen dim every half hour. And no, I'm not referring to sleep mode, which would actually be worse...I guess. And I'm also not referring to the function of the ambient light sensor, which dims the screen when the ambient luminosity is at a high level.

I'm actually referring to the low power state induced either when the battery gets to a certain low life percentage (usually 15 percent) or when the tablet is idle for too long. Again, this doesn't refer to screen timeout, although KeepScreen will disable that as well.

OK, so apparently there are worse things than screen dimming, but if screen dimming is annoying you, I've got the remedy to stop it in its tracks!

1. First Go to the Android Market and download the app called KeepScreen by AxDroid.

Make sure the KeepScreen you download is by AxDroid and the icon looks like this. Eric Franklin/CNET

2. Once downloaded, launch the app and tap Applications.

3. KeepScreen allows you to choose which of your Android apps it will function under, preventing the screen from dimming or the tablet from going into sleep mode while that app is running. Choose the appropriate apps and press Back.

Eric Franklin/CNET

4. Now Tap Start/Stop service to start it.

Eric Franklin/CNET

5. You can turn notification on or off. I prefer it off, to prevent the notification from popping up when it works.

That's it. Now launch whichever apps you chose previously and enjoy uninterrupted viewing of whatever it is you decide to do. But you'd most likely use this for movies and possibly really slowly paced games. This app will also disable the auto-dim that occurs when your tablet has only 15 percent battery life left.