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How to prevent accidental Amazon in-app purchases on Android

Don't end up with a surprise bill from an accidental Amazon in-app purchase on your Android device. We'll show you how to password protect and disable in-app purchasing.

Amazon Appstore for Android

Amazon's Appstore for Android include apps that allow in-app purchases. In-app purchases may include items like premium content, subscriptions and game unlock codes.

To prevent a scenario in which your 3-year-old daughter accidentally makes an in-app purchase of an unlock code while playing Cut The Rope (true story), here's how to set the Amazon Appstore's parental controls :

Enable parental controls

Step 1: From within the Amazon Appstore, touch the menu key and select Settings.

Amazon Appstore Settings
Screenshot by Ed Rhee

Step 2: Select Parental Controls.

Amazon Appstore parental controls
Screenshot by Ed Rhee

Step 3: Check the first box to enable parental controls and enter your password. This will force you to enter your password or a PIN to make in-app purchases. Check the second box if you prefer to use a 4-digit PIN rather than your password.

Enable Amazon Appstore parental controls
Screenshot by Ed Rhee

Disable in-app purchasing

To completely disable in-app purchasing, go to Settings > In-App Purchasing and uncheck the box next to Allow In-App Item Purchases, then enter your password to confirm.

Disable Amazon Appstore in-app purchasing
Screenshot by Ed Rhee

That's it. Amazon Appstore purchases aren't refundable, so set those parental controls and don't end up with a surprise bill, like that dad, whose 3-year-old magically unlocked all the boxes in Cut The Rope. And by magically, we mean a $0.99 in-app unlock code.