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How to prepare yourself for Friday's apocalypse

App platform TrackVia has some suggestions to protect your tech before Friday's end of the world. I have one or two too.

Somewhere in there is the Mayan prophecy. Or not.
NASA/YouTube Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

I know that many wise organizations, including NASA, have declared that the world will not end -- as some Mayans had predicted -- next Friday.

NASA has even released an advance, advanced video (embedded here), explaining why this will not happen.

We at Technically Incorrect tend to be a little more sanguine. There is a 50 percent chance that the world will end. Because, well, there are only two options: either it will or it won't.

I'd hate you to be blind-sided by apocalyptic inconvenience. So I have searched high, low and lower in search of useful steps you might take -- ones that might vaguely involve technology. Some of the more comprehensive came from a company called TrackVia, which exists to be your app platform, especially when you worry that things are going awry.

First on TrackVia's suggestions is a simple thought: Download as much as you can now -- the end of the world could be boring.

This is, indeed, quite wise. No one has said how long the end of the world might take. Because we watch too many awful movies about awful events, we assume that the unraveling will only take a couple of hours.

How dull if you have to just sit there with nothing to do.

Second on TrackVia's list is this: Don't forget about that presentation --  just in case the world doesn't come to an end, better not procrastinate that PowerPoint.

PowerPoint procrastination is one of the scourges of modern life. This, therefore, is deep and sound advice.

Then there is the vastly helpful: Be sure to post job openings on Some of your employees may not survive the end of the world.

You see, there is always the question of survival. This end-of-the-world thing might be slightly exaggerated. It could just wipe a few countries or merely several evil cities. It might merely target hipster districts like Brooklyn and San Francisco's Mission.

Where will you get your Web designers then?

Among other wise suggestions ("hide under the desk") TrackVia suggests: Don't forget to post your out of office e-mail reminder. You could be away from your desk for eternity. Well, indeed.

Its final suggestion for business owners also smacks of a peculiar optimism: In case your business survives (but you don't), make sure you've set up automation.

Being slightly less technically-oriented than TrackVia, I have one core suggestion: Don't go to work.

Switch off your laptop. Be with those you love most. Take them to the beach. Walk, breathe in the fresh air and consider that, if these are to be your final moments, better to spend them like this than thinking about budgets, PowerPoints, office politics and outmaneuvering your nearest rivals.

I trust that all of this information has been helpful and that we will see each other beyond December 21.