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How to post directly to Facebook from Google+

To make social networking a little easier, there's a simple trick to posting directly from Google+ to Facebook without any third-party apps.

Note: After some feedback, this method has been deemed unreliable. Posts more than 50 characters long are cut off. As an alternative, use Publish Sync extension for Chrome.

Another social network is here, Google+, making it even harder to keep all your profiles--Facebook, Google+, and Twitter--updated. Sometimes we get so engrossed by one (Google+), we end up neglecting another (Facebook).

To make things easier, there's a simple way to post directly from Google+ to Facebook without any extra extensions, or third-party apps.

This is a question I'd like to ask my friends on Google+ AND Facebook. Screenshot by Sharon Vaknin/CNET.

Go to Facebook.com/mobile and copy the e-mail address provided under "Upload via Email".

Head to Google+ and create a new circle called Facebook (or Post to Facebook). Then, add a new person and paste the e-mail address you copied in the first step.

Whenever you want to mirror a Google+ post on Facebook, share it with your Facebook circle, and check "Also email 1 person now yet using Google+".