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How to make Siri use punctuation

Siri does many things well, but one thing it doesn't do is use punctuation while writing out messages for you. This video will show you how to get Siri to use punctuation.

Siri is turning out to be a great assistant for iPhone 4S owners.

Using Siri to compose e-mails or messages for you while on the go is fairly easy and straightforward. One thing that can be a bit of a pain, though, is the lack of punctuation used by Siri while composing those messages for you.

While Siri may not be able to insert punctuation automatically, you can tell Siri where and what type of punctuation you want to use in your messages.

To get Siri to use punctuation, you only need to speak the punctuation during the composition of your message. For example:

Hi comma how are you question mark did you see the game last night exclamation point question mark.

Speaking that exact line to Siri would equate to the following message:

Hi, how are you? Did you see the game last night!?

The video covers common punctuation such as a comma, exclamation point, and a question mark. What it doesn't cover is the use of an asterisk, cap (capitalize a letter), quote, period, smiley face, wink face (awkward, right?), and so on. The possibilities are endless, you only need to experiment with what commands Siri will recognize.