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How to make a Tardis land in your home

Relive your favorite "Doctor Who" wintertime adventures with an easy-to make little Tardis diorama.

DIY Doctor Who diorama
With a pint jar, some miniature trees, a tiny Tardis, and glitter, you can make your own Doctor Who diorama.
Amy Ratcliffe

It was an ordinary pint jar. Now it's a wintry scene fit for a Time Lord. How did it get from Point A to Point Geeky? Geek With Curves blogger Amy Ratcliffe explains how to Doctor up your home decor this holiday season with an easy "Doctor Who" diorama.

All you need to make it is a pint jar (really, any jar works); a Tardis toy or figure that can fit in the jar (in this case it's a monitor mate); Mod Podge; glue gun; hot glue; paintbrush; scissors, FloraCraft Diamond Dust glitter; miniature bottlebrush Christmas trees, white acrylic paint; and some newspaper.

"If you get a smaller Tardis you could add a lamp post, more trees, a wreath, tiny Christmas lights -- there are tons of possibilities," Ratcliffe writes. "You can also apply this tutorial to an AT-AT, the Millennium Falcon, all the miniature geeky things!"

Check out the full craft tutorial here. Trapping the Doctor has never been easier, but don't be surprised you get trapped in a time vortex making this thing. Hours seem to disappear when having this much fun.

And to take this craft a step further, make snow globes! Here's my tutorial on how to make "Star Wars" snow globes using smaller jars, toys, glitter, and distilled water. I used "Star Wars" toys, but a tiny Tardis would work too.

And if a Tardis in the snow isn't enough DIY Doctor for you, crafts community site has lots more ideas, from wreaths to Time Lord tree ornaments.