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How to make a good movie even better

Some of the best content on YouTube is made by people who create channels about things they love. Lessons from the Screenplay looks at what makes our favorite movies compelling.

For the past several weeks I've been sharing my favorite YouTube channels because I want people to know there's way more to Google's video site than the stuff most people search for.

Today, I want you to check out the perfect channel for anyone who loves movies. Lessons from the Screenplay with Michael Tucker offers up insightful analysis for hit movies. His goal in these video essays (according to his about page) is to examine what makes a story compelling and hopefully help people improve their storytelling.

First up, in this episode he talks about the "Dark Knight" and why Heath Ledger's performance as the Joker wasn't the only reason he made such a great antagonist to Batman:

Next, he takes a look at "Inglorious Bastards" and how Quentin Tarantino's use of suspense creates nail-biting tension in a scene where people are ostensibly just having a conversation:

In this episode, Tucker talks about how "When Harry Met Sally" is much more than just a romantic comedy by effortlessly avoiding the cliches most common to the genre:

Finally, he explains why "Independence Day" is much more memorable than any of the disaster movies of its time because of the way it handles character exposition and the alien antagonists:

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