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How to load EPUBs into iBooks

Learn how to load free EPUB digital books onto an Apple iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch using iTunes software and online book sources.

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Apple's iBooks app includes a storefront of thousands of titles, many of which are free, public domain books. But if you really have a thing for free books, online repositories, such as Project Gutenberg and Google Books offer a vast selection of e-book titles that users can download to their computers.

These same files are also compatible with Apple's iBooks app, but it isn't exactly obvious how to load them onto your device.

The following CNET How To walks you though the process of downloading an online EPUB book file, loading it into iTunes, giving it cover art, and syncing it to iBooks.

As of iTunes version 9.2, the same process applies to PDF files, as well as EPUB, with one exception. When adding a PDF as an iBook, the Media Kind must be set to Book within iTunes. You can find this option by accessing the Get Info menu (demonstrated in the video), selecting the Options tab, and choosing "Book" in the Media Kind drop-down menu, shown here.