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How to leave your job like Super Mario

A developer for 2K Australia left a custom mini-game as his "I Quit!" notice.


Way to up the ante for the rest of us, game designers.

When indie game developers quit their day jobs, the result is apparently good for all of us. Jarrad Farbs, a maker of quirky browser games like ROM CHECK FAIL and Polychromatic Funk Monkey, left 2K Games Australia to pursue his own free-spirited game interests full-time. But before he did, he left an animated calling card that's part Super Mario Bros., part nose-thumbing, and all heart.

Following Mario through an above-ground and sublevel and into one of Farb's own retrofunky titles, he gets to scream "I QUIT" several times more than the average office person ever has in their lifetime. We could have used a few more levels, but it's the best gameplay we've ever found in a farewell note. Then he leaves us with a touch of sentimentality, claiming that "his princess is in another castle."

First of all, we wonder how Nintendo feels about all of this. Second, we're already leaping ahead to what other games would make great life-change stand-ins: "You've been served" by Phoenix Wright? Baby announcement by way of Bioshock?

(Source: Kotaku)