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How to learn to play the guitar with Android

Do you want to become a real-life guitar hero, instead of just a virtual one on your gaming console? Gibson Guitar's Android app will teach you how.

Gibson Les Paul Studio in Alpine White

Do you want to become a real-life guitar hero, instead of just a virtual one on your gaming console?

Gibson Guitar, the world-renowned guitar maker, has an Android app that will help you learn to play a real guitar. Available for free in the Android Market, the Gibson Learn & Master Guitar app has just about everything a beginner could ask for. It even has video lessons for intermediate and advanced guitarists.

The first tab of the Gibson Guitar app is a guitar tuner, which you can use in chromatic or simple mode. You can also set the tunings to all notes, standard EADGBE, or others.

The second tab is the metronome that can help you establish a rhythm while you play. The time signature can be set to none, 2/4, 3/4, or 4/4. The beats-per-minute (BPM) settings range from 1 to 225 and you can even set your own tempo just by tapping on the Tap Tempo button.

Gibson Guitar tuner and metronome
Screenshot by Ed Rhee

The third tab of the app is a library of chord charts that show you where to place your fingers on the fretboard, so you can practice playing chords (open and barre).

The fourth tab contains video lessons that are linked to 21 high-quality YouTube videos.

Gibson Guitar chords and lessons
Screenshot by Ed Rhee

That's it. In case you're interested in finding out more about the instruments Gibson has to offer, like the legendary Gibson Les Paul guitar, the last tab of the app takes you to the mobile version of Gibson's Web site.

Keep in mind that the app doesn't support some Samsung Galaxy devices yet, but the developers are working on it. Also, though there's an iOS version of the app, it's currently a bit unstable, and a recent update removed the chord charts for some odd reason. For more details on using each of the app's features, check out the developer's Web site.