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How to integrate Google Tasks with Chrome

Google Tasks is a great, free, no-frills task manager that's deeply integrated with Gmail and many other Google Apps. Users of Google's browser Chrome can easily create and access their tasks from any browser window using a simple extension. Learn how in this blog post by Rob Lightner.

Google Tasks is a sweet little to-do app for those who value ease of use over fancy accessories. Google's Chrome Web browser is a fast, sleek application that more and more people are using. Integrating the two is fast, easy, and a real time-saver, especially for folks who want to dash off a quick to-do item without shifting between tabs or windows. Here's how to get started:

If you haven't already installed Google Chrome, do so. It's easy to import settings from most other major browsers.

Now, install the Google Tasks extension. It should take only a couple of clicks. There should now be a green check mark near the upper right of your browser window. A quick click brings up your Google Tasks in a floating pane, so you don't need to fumble around looking for your GCal tab.

Google Tasks dropdown from any tab
Google Tasks dropdown from any tab

That's neat, but it gets better: now you can create tasks quickly from the address bar by typing "t Call the vet" or "t Pick up meds" or whatever else comes to mind. If you've got multiple Task lists, it will go into the last one you had open.

One last trick: If you read something in an e-mail or a Web page that you need to add as a task, just select and right-click the text. The context menu should include the option to "Create Task." Like the address-bar option, this task will go into the list you last had open.

Create a task from browser text
Create a task from browser text