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How to get your iCredit for your iPhone

How to get your iCredit for your iPhone

I got my iPhone credit, did you?

I was one of the first guys out of the gate with an iPhone. I even waited in line for two hours on launch day. Then, a few months later, Steve Jobs drops the price $200. I have to admit, I was a little upset with the quick price drop, but then I heard there was a $100 store credit toward the purchase of any product at an Apple Retail Store or the Apple Online Store for anyone who bought an iPhone at full price (before Sept. 5).

If you're wondering how to get your iPhone credit, it's actually very simple. Head on over to, and there you will find a simple form--just fill out your phone number and your serial number and hit continue.

I did this, and almost instantly an SMS message showed up on my iPhone. It read: "Here is your Apple Store credit access code." You then enter that code on the same page you were on, and the site pops out a credit number and PIN you can use for an online or in-store purchase.

If you're wondering how to find your iPhone serial number, it's actually pretty easy. You can access your serial number by looking on the back of your iPhone or by going through the menus like this: Settings>General>About, and your serial number will be right there.

The whole process took about five minutes from start to finish, and now I'm slightly less annoyed about paying what I call the "early adopter tax."