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How to get the Apple logo icon on iOS

Twitter users from around the world were tweeting the Apple logo icon in honor of Steve Jobs' passing. If you were curious how or where they got it from, you'll want to read this.

If you are on Twitter, you most likely read about the death of Steve Jobs in the numerous tweets that seemed to take over the service for hours. You may have also noticed, or have even taken part in, sending a tweet with nothing more than an Apple logo icon, as a miniature tribute to the greatest visionary of our time.

Read on to find out how to get the Apple logo icon on your iOS device, as well as some other special characters that iOS and Emoji don't provide.

  1. Launch Safari on your iOS device, enter the Web site

  2. Screenshot by Jason Cipriani
  3. Tap on either the + symbol (if you aren't on iOS 5) or the middle icon on the bottom bar, pointed out with the arrow above.

  4. Screenshot by Jason Cipriani
  5. Select "Add to Home Screen."

  6. Screenshot by Jason Cipriani
  7. Give the Web app a name, or leave it as is. Press "Add" once you are finished. Your iOS device will then take you to your home screen, and you will see a new icon with the app name you filled in. Tap on it to open the app.

  8. Screenshot by Jason Cipriani
  9. Select the icon or special character you would like to use by tapping and holding on the icon until the "Copy" dialog shows up. Tap on it. Now you can paste the icon into any text field on your iOS device.

Screenshot by Jason Cipriani

If you would like to copy multiple icons at once, paste each one into the scratch board at the top of the app and then copy all of them once you are done.