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How to get started with Mac RSS app MixTab

MixTab is an RSS reader for Macs that adds visual punch.

After using Newser on the iPhone, one of my all-time favorite apps, for years, I have found it hard to rely on RSS feeds on my Mac with their text-heavy design and truncated headlines. With MixTab, free in the Mac App Store, I get a quickly loading app that delivers my news, complete with engaging graphics.

Screenshot by Matt Elliott/CNET

Launch MixTab and you'll be asked to create an account. After providing an e-mail and password, MixTab opens with seven default topics. You can delete any topic that doesn't interest you by clicking on the Edit Tabs button at the top and then clicking the red X on any of the wiggling boxes. Click the Create Tab button to create a new tab. You'll need to give your tab a name and description and at least one topic or RSS feed. And you'll need to name your tabs with a name not already used by another MixTab user, which is annoying. To browse previously created tabs, click the Tab Gallery button at the top. If you see one you like, click the green Subscribe button to add it to your home page. You can mark your tabs as public or private. And if you'd like to add or remove feeds to one of your topics, click the Tab settings button when viewing a topic.

On your home page is a grid of topics, each with a thumbnail of a recent article (if the article has an image). Click on a topic to open it, where you'll get a page of six stories. Swipe sideways to see the next six stories. I like this layout better than getting pummeled by dozens and dozens of text links.

Screenshot by Matt Elliott/CNET

Click on a story and it opens in MixTab, complete with images. In some instances, however, I got only the headline and first sentence of a story and needed to click the View Original button in the upper-right corner to read the full story. In settings, you can choose to have the original open in MixTab or your default browser. Also in settings, you can select from one of eight themes.

Via LifeHacker