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How to get quick definitions for acronyms and abbreviations

It happens to the best of us. We run into a string of all-caps that must mean something, but isn't explained in context. If you're lucky, a quick search can come up with possibilities, but Chrome and Firefox users have access to Abbrex, a nifty extension that provides pop-up definitions quickly and easily.

Abbreviations and acronyms are proliferating as we find that we have more to say and less time to say it. Unfortunately, explaining them every time they're used is counterproductive, so often we find ourselves distractedly searching for meanings. Fortunately, Abbrex is here to provide the 411 on WTF to Chrome and Firefox users. Here's how to use it: 

  1. Install the extension here for Chrome and here for Firefox
  2. The next time you run into an abbreviation or acronym you don't recognize, mouse over it to see if  Abbrex has run yet (it sometimes does so in the background). If not, just click the  Abbrex icon (four green arrows pointing out) and tell it to run. 
    Step 2: Run Abbrex.
    Step 2: Run Abbrex.
  3. The definition pop-up lets you select among multiple definitions, if applicable, and also tell Abbrex to block that definition or add a new one. Since the database is user-created, you may want to add your expertise to the hive mind. 
    Step 3: Mouse over for definition.
    Step 3: Mouse over for definition.

There are other options to monkey with, but that's the basic operation. It's easy and can make your surfing much, much smoother. 

Thanks to Addictive Tips for the link!