How to forward SMS and missed calls on Android to your Gmail

If you can't have your phone nearby, or you're prone to forgetting it at home, try these steps to keep you connected.

Does not having access to your phone leave you feeling cut off from your social world?

Whether you work somewhere that does not allow you to carry your cellular phone, or you forgot it at home, the lack of your constant connection can add to your stress level. Stop worrying about missing important calls or texts by following these steps.

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Step 1: Download and install SMS2Gmail from the Android marketplace.

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Step 2: Press the option labeled Gmail address and enter your Gmail username. Repeat this process for your Gmail password.

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Step 3: Set up an activation code by pressing the option labeled Activation keyword. For best results, keep from choosing a commonly used word.

Should you find yourself separated from your phone, all you need to do is text your phone with another device or service (ask a friend, use Google Voice, etc) with the passcode you set in step 3. After that, all SMS and missed calls will be forwarded to your Gmail account for your viewing until you deactivate the service manually.