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How to eat well on road trips (or locally)

Tired of chain restaurants on your trips? Check out this useful Web site to get you on the right path to healthier eating while traveling.

Places like McDonald's, Cracker Barrel, IHOP, and Denny's are just a few of the restaurants you normally see when traveling the roads of the USA. While many of these places say they offer healthier choices, you probably know there are better options than chain restaurants. So if you're seeking some local cuisine, or you have special dietary needs, why not reference a guide made for just that?

The Eat Well Guide travel map is a useful Web site for finding more than 25,000 healthier places to eat. This guide doesn't just cover restaurants, it also includes farmer's markets and stores. That way if you have an RV you can find a place that sells the fresh ingredients you're seeking to create the perfect on-the-road meal.

Head to the Eat Well Guide Web site to get started. From there you have a few options: search by keyword, zip code, city and state, or find places between the start and finish points of your trip. What's great about this guide is that you can specify the distance you're willing to drive away from your route to visit their recommended places.

After entering your location(s), you can filter the results by restaurants, stores, and markets. Even if you're not taking a road trip, this guide can help you discover some new places to eat in your own city. After all, better choices for a bite may only be a few blocks away.

Share your favorite restaurant stops or tips for eating on the road in the comments.

(Via Lifehacker)