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How to delete items from the Kindle Fire carousel

Use this easy workaround to remove videos, applications, and Web pages from your Kindle Fire's carousel.

Sharon Profis Vice President of Content
Sharon Profis is a vice president of content.
Sharon Profis
2 min read

Until Amazon releases a fix, the most frustrating feature on the Kindle Fire is the carousel.

Editor's note (January 23, 2012): This blog post is now obsolete, as Amazon has finally released a fix that lets you customize the Carousel. Simply tap and hold an item in the carousel and select "Remove".

For some reason, Amazon didn't program any customization options for the feature, which displays large icons of your most recent activity in the home screen. Any recent apps, movies, Web pages, or books you recently accessed are immediately apparent when you unlock the device.

In some ways it's convenient, but for the most part it's a privacy concern. If you leave your Kindle sitting on the table, anyone who picks it up can quickly see what you've been up to, and in some cases you might want to keep that private.

There's no way (yet) to remove items from the carousel, but you can clean it up a bit with these simple workarounds:

  • To clear apps, go to Settings > More > Applications. Tap the drop-down to filter by all apps, and find the App Manager. Tap it and select "Clear data."

  • To remove videos, go to Settings > More > Applications > Amazon Video > Clear data.

  • To clear Web pages, open the Web, tap the menu icon, and select Settings. Then tap "Clear history."

Amazon promises a fix for the carousel, but until you can formally recent activity from the home screen, or opt out of the carousel entirely, these workarounds are your best options.

(via MobileRead)