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How to create an iPhoto Smart Album for your Hipstamatic pics

It's easy to create a Smart Album in iPhoto that rounds up all of the photos taken with the Hipstamatic iPhone app.

Hipstamatic, version 210.
Matt Elliott/CNET

Smart Albums are among the most powerful features of iPhoto. Last week, I wrote about creating a Smart Album to separate out the videos in your iPhoto library. In the process of writing that post, I discovered a Hipstamatic filter hidden within the conditions for creating a Smart Album. It's a great way to isolate the shots taken with the iPhone's Hipstamatic app that you've imported to your iPhoto library.

To create a Smart Album, go to File > New > Smart Album. On the resulting window, to create an album of your Hipstamatic photos, choose Camera Model from the left pull-down menu. From the middle menu, choose "is." And from the right menu, you should see a number Hipstamatic options among the real camera models listed from Canon, Nikon, and the like. In my case, I saw the three versions with which I had used on my iPhone: Hipstamatic 185, Hipstamatic 201, and Hipstamatic 210.

Create a condition for each version of Hipstamatic you've used, and then be sure you've chosen to match "any" of the conditions instead of all to create a Smart Album in iPhoto of all of your Hipstamatic shots. Matt Elliott/CNET

Now, you could create individual albums by creating a Smart Album for each version of the app you have used. It might be more useful, however, to create a single album that rounds up all of your Hipstamatic photos, regardless of which version of the app you had used to take the shot. To do that, create a condition for each of the Hipstamatic versions you see listed in one Smart Album.

You can create a Smart Album for each of the Hipstamatic version you have used, or you can create one album that rounds up all of your Hipstamatic photos. Matt Elliott/CNET

In my case, I created a Camera Model is Hipstamatic 185 condition, hit the plus sign on the right, and created two more conditions for Hipstamatic versions 201 and 210. Then, before I hit OK to create the album, I chose Match "any" (instead of "all") of the following conditions, which you'll find located between the title of the album and the conditions. (Had I used "Match all," I would have been left with an empty Smart Album.

You can also create a similar Smart Album to include all of the photos you took with the iPhone's native camera app with this condition: Camera Model is iPhone 3GS (or whatever model you have).

This condition will create a Smart Album of all of the photos you have in iPhoto that were taken with the iPhone's native camera app. It will not include Hipstamatic shots. Matt Elliott/CNET

Have an incredibly smart and useful Smart Album? Please share in the comments below.