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How to copy files to Dropbox faster in Windows 7

Copying files to your Dropbox folder in Windows can be a drag. We'll show you how to copy them faster in Windows 7.


Dropbox is an incredibly useful service for sharing files between computers, smartphones, tablets, and with other users.

In this tutorial, we'll show you how to add the Dropbox folder to the Send To menu in Windows 7, so you can send files to your Dropbox folder just by right-clicking on the file.

Step 1: Open the Run dialog box by hitting Windows Logo+R, then type: %APPDATA%\Microsoft\Windows\SendTo

Run to SendTo folder
Screenshot by Ed Rhee

Step 2: When the SendTo folder opens, right-click on the Dropbox icon in the left pane, under "Favorites," and drag it over to an open area of the SendTo folder in the right pane. Don't drag it onto one of the shortcuts already in the folder, or else you'll get the wrong menu for Step 3.

Drag Dropbox folder
Screenshot by Ed Rhee

Step 3: After you let go of the icon in the SendTo folder, select "Create shortcuts here."

Create Dropbox shortcut
Screenshot by Ed Rhee

Step 4: Confirm that the Dropbox shortcut is in the SendTo folder.

Dropbox shortcut in SendTo folder
Screenshot by Ed Rhee

Step 5: The next time you need to send a file to your Dropbox folder, just right-click on the file and send it away.

Send files to Dropbox from SendTo menu
Screenshot by Ed Rhee

That's it. This also works great when you have more than one file to copy in the same folder, but not the entire folder. Just hold down the Ctrl key and select your files with your mouse, then right-click on any highlighted file and send it to Dropbox.