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How to check in to multiple location services with one click

Some friends are on Foursquare, some are only on Facebook, and some are playing with Gowalla--what's a superconnected user to do? It's a pain to check in to multiple sites every time you want to show off, but a new, free Android app called Checkin King makes it easy.

Locator services like Foursquare are fun and more addictive than they seem at first glance, even though checking in repeatedly can be a pain. Often, users resist new services because the notion of doubling or tripling the number of check-ins makes us want to just stay home--but Checkin King makes life easier for Android-using location loggers. Here's how to get started: 

  1. Install and run the Checkin King app, then read and accept the license agreement. (The developers have a short batch of questions for you, but you can skip ahead if you like.) 
  2. Select the services you want to check in with. Currently Facebook, Foursquare, Google, and Gowalla are available. For each service, you'll need to log in and tell them to let Checkin King access data. This shouldn't take too long, and you should only have to do it once for each. 
    Step 2: Select location services.
    Step 2: Select location services.
  3. Once that's set up, just fire up Checkin King whenever you're out and want to tell the world. You should see a list of nearby places and which services they are associated with. Tap the site you're at, then select which services you want to check in with. Add a message if you like, then select "CHECK IN" and you're done. 
    Step 3: Select location and check in.
    Step 3: Select location and check in.

It's pretty straightforward, and while some places are only listed with one or two services, things should pick up as more users start logging. Recruit your friends!