How to back up browsing data for nearly any browser

Some browsers are easy to back up, while some just aren't. It's much easier for Windows users to transfer browser data now, thanks to FavBackup, which works with most major browsers.

I like Chrome quite a bit, but I know others who swear by the latest Firefox, Opera, or IE browsers. Chrome lets you transfer browsing data easily, but it can get frustrating to share information like passwords, bookmarks, and so on using different browsers. FavBackup is a great, free Windows utility that lets you transfer data painlessly using many popular browsers. Here's how to use it: 

  1. Download, install and run FavBackup. (The download page also lists supported browsers, so you may want to check that out first.) 
  2. Select your browser from the icons presented at the top, then choose which settings to save. You should also select a backup location (somewhere in the cloud, like a Dropbox folder, could make life much easier for you).
    Step 2: Select data to back up.
    Step 2: Select data to back up.
  3. When you want to restore settings, install FavBackup on a second computer or account, then click the Restore tab, select the appropriate browser and backup location, then follow through with the wizard. It's easy, but your old data will be overwritten permanently, so if you want to back that up, take care of that first. 

It's that simple. This too should make it even easier to move to a new computer or to switch between work and home more easily.