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How to avoid 'wrap rage'

MeadWestvaco says it's come up with a greener, safer packaging method that won't result in injuries when opening.

Update: We fixed the video. Thanks for your patience.

The maker of Natralock packaging has a new take on the traditional clamshell enclosures in which most of our favorite gadgets are sold.

Packaging company MeadWestvaco sent us this pretty much out of the blue. But it's a neat idea, so we thought we'd try it out here at Crave. The company says Natralock is better for the environment (half the plastic of clamshell); isn't totally impossible to open; and won't put you in danger of slicing yourself when it comes time for presents this December. As we always say, the fewer the injuries, the happier the holiday.

CNET's Josh Lowensohn tests out the company's claim that it would be hard for thieves to rip open Natralock's recyclable paperboard in a store, but it takes just a snip of some scissors to free your newest toy.