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How to automatically update third-party software in Windows

Automatic Windows updates are fantastic, but they do help us forget to keep our other software up-to-date. FileREX automatically scans your computer for thousands of programs and tells you if they need an update.

Windows Update makes it dead simple to keep your basic system up-to-date, but this can lead to laziness or forgetfulness when it comes to other software.

Many popular programs, like Web browsers, check themselves pretty often, but others may not do so or may need to be told to do so. FileREX is a small, free program that checks your system for software that needs updating.

  1. Download and install FileREX.
  2. It should run automatically when you complete the installation and let you know if you've got any programs that need updates. Click the pop-up bubble or double-click the orange arrow icon in your system tray to bring up the main program window.
  3. Step 2: Update notification.
    Step 2: Update notification.
  4. From here you can see what needs updating and go to the FileREX site to download and install updates.
  5. Step 3: Update software.
    Step 3: Update software.
  6. Click the gear-shaped Options icon to run FileREX when you start Windows and change other options.
  7. Step 4: Select options.
    Step 4: Select options.
  8. That's it! FileREX isn't quite as seamless as Windows Update, but it does make it incredibly simple to keep your software up-to-date. 

(Via Addictive Tips)