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How to automatically enlarge thumbnails online

It's easy to get frustrated with extensive thumbnail galleries online. Poring over pages to try to find the right shot, or repeatedly clicking while shopping, can test anyone's patience. Fortunately, there are tools for Firefox and Chrome to make browsing easier on the eyes.

If you've ever found yourself giving up while clicking through an online photo gallery or grinding your teeth in frustration at an online vendor's tiny thumbnails, help is on the way. Firefox and Chrome each have plug-ins that will automatically enlarge thumbnails as you hover over them, saving eyestrain and precious time. Here's how to use them: 

  • Install Thumbnail Zoom for Firefox and/or Hover Zoom for Chrome
  • Restart your browser. 
  • You should now be able to mouse over any reduced-size picture to see it at its normal size. Not every site permits this; Hover Zoom adds an icon to the address bar to show that it will work with the site you're currently viewing. 
    Hover Zoom
    Hover Zoom

These plug-ins work with many popular sites like Facebook and Amazon, but of course they haven't been tested on every site on the Web, so there are sure to be some times when you'll have to go back to squinting and clicking. Also, sometimes images are just quite small and can't be enlarged. Still, these tools make life much easier for photo lovers.